Student Testimonials

“Kelly is a lovely teacher, patient, encouraging and skilled. I greatly enjoy my lessons with her.”
Ros (an adult beginner)

“I started singing lessons with Kelly when I decided I wanted to join a choir after many years without singing. The breathing and voice techniques Kelly teaches have really helped me gain confidence and find my own natural voice. With Kelly’s help I was quickly surprised to discover my voice is capable of much more than I realised…. She is really encouraging and I have learnt and continue to learn such a lot. I thoroughly enjoy my lessons and am now also happily singing with a local choir.” Susan Deere – Bath Minerva Choir member

“Three months working with Kelly has transformed my confidence as a singer. She is an intuitive and perceptive teacher who quickly ironed out many of the bad habits I had fallen into and has enable me to think in a completely fresh way about my voice and how is is produced. Her great gift as a teacher is her ability to explain technical issues about breath and song in simple and understandable ways. Her lessons are relaxed, fun and informative. She is an excellent singing teacher, and I have no hesitation in recommending her whatever your ability or experience.”
Stewart Harcourt – Bath Choral Society member

“I went to Kelly for some lessons to build up my confidence as a singer and increase my vocal range, before auditioning for a choir in Bath. She is a very intuitive and encouraging teacher, and she quickly identified the difficulties I was experiencing in producing a good sound. We worked on these problems together, concentrating on breathing and vocal technique. I have been singing for many years but within weeks I noticed a real improvement in my voice: I no longer felt that I was straining uncomfortably to reach the notes at the top of my range, and my voice developed more power. She has completely changed the way I breathe and support my voice.”
Julie Platt

“I asked Kelly for some singing lessons to help me prepare for an audition with a Bath choir. I had never sung alone in front of anyone before, and needed some help with sight singing. Kelly gave me a huge confidence boost and tailored the lessons to suit my needs. I came away from every lesson feeling elated and with ideas to develop my voice at home. Kelly uses a highly effective breathing technique and I felt this added a whole new dimension to my singing. But for me, the time I spent with Kelly mostly helped to improve my confidence and whole approach to performing musically.”
Paula Vass – Bath Allcomer’s Orchestra member

Student Reviews

Review for Student Lindsay Orchard as Beep-Bo in The Mikado with Bath Operatic and Dramatic Society 2013
“Peep-Bo in comparison has few opportunities to develop her character, and it says much for the quality of her contributions and the well balanced way in which they were delivered, that her character did not fade away into a shadowy figure floating around on the periphery of the scenes in which she was involved.
Vocally too there was never a moment when you felt this lady was not pulling her weight when singing with her friends or joining in the chorus work. The pity is that there is not a chance in the score for her to take the vocal lead, and further prove the point, and show just how much she had to offer to the vocal health of the production.”
Gerry Park (The Rose Bowl)